Trip preparations

I’ve always dreamt about visiting Machu Picchu, hicking inca path and revel under the sun of South America. My dream soon is to become real. Flight tickets are bought, hotels are booked and itinerary is constituted. Here I would like to share my meticulous preparation.


I’m not that kind of person who are quick to move from one city to another visiting hyped attractions, but when you are cramped by 2 or 3 week holidays, you’re trying to make the most of your days off and to see as much as you can. South America is something that quite far away from Europe, hence I decided to visit not only Peru, but Brazil apart: one week for each country.

It turns out that flight from Spain to São Paulo is the cheapest option: one way prices vary from $450 and low cost flights from Kiev to Spain will be $100 the most. You can check different options with stopovers at momondo website. Therefore, Brazil became my first destination country.

The second and not the last destination on my trip is Rio de Janeiro, Ostap Bender’s dream. Brazil is an enormous country and there are many domestic airlines that operate within it. I chose Gol airlines to Rio and Azul  to Iguasu Falls. The earlier you get the ticket, the cheaper it will be. Try changing Ip address to get the best price. In my case, the prices were the same, but I could see more time options available.

The next point was Peru: the capital and Cusco, of course. I’ve found a good blog that tells about different options how to get there. The most attractive option to me appealed the one that offers collectivo vans to Ollataytambo. Moreover, a train tickets is cheaper that from Cusco.

Ultimately, my final itinerary in Latin America comes to be the one above:

São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro-Iguasu Falls-Lima-Cusco-Lima


To and from the airport

Travelling on a limited budget it is essential to know how to get from the airport without taking taxi. I found quite useful website that tells everything about public transport to and from the airport. All you need is to choose city destination.


The last, but not the least important information for those, who are non-EU citizens: If you’re flying to a country destination that do not require VISA, but have more than one stop over in EU zone, you need EU visa, because a flight from EU zone to another EU zone is considered to be domestic flight and you will need to pass passport control. At this visa map website you can check which countries you need or don’t need visa. Have fun!





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